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Welcome to Relationship deep dive Self Study online Course: Tired of being lonely and unhappy? Come dive deep into exploring all types of relationships in your life.  Manifest your ideal relationships that serve you better! Dive deep! These 3 classes will allow you to target and explore the most common obstacles to wealth, health and relationship success. Each Class will support the exploration of your Awareness, Mindsets and Manifestation. You will be unearthing nuggets of wisdom about where and how your mindsets were  developed, and be given powerful tools to transform these areas of your life.  Enjoy this Self - study course

Class 1:  Delves into Relationship Awareness:

  • Define Relationship

  • Explore Love Paradigms

  • Examine the impact of relationship attitudes and love paradigms on other aspects of life

Class 2:  Mindset Debunking:

  • Unearth  the impact of subconscious attitudes to relationships, examples of love

  • Dissect the impact these subconscious attitudes have on the ability to manifest healthy relationships in personal, business and romantic relationships

  • Begin to modify and convert limiting beliefs

Class 3:  Relationship Manifestation:

  • Reexamination of beliefs around relationships and worthiness

  • Calibration of mindset