Program Synopsis

Level 1

Module 1 | 8 classes each class is 2 hours online

In Level 1, Module 1 of Essence by Divine Alchemy you are taking the first steps to tasting and seeing how becoming the magickal self you have always meant to be can make your life better. You will start to discover your individual gifts and skills . Begin to understand how to move in the world as a safe ,ethical  magickal being. We will be exploring manifestation and how your to change your money and health mindsets .

  1. What is Magick? What is Energy? The difference between Light and Dark Magicks

  2. Ethics of Magick and energy

  3. Safety of Magick and energy

  4. Creating safe space and protection

  5. Smudging

  6. Grounding/ beginning anchoring  

  7. Connection to your intuition

  8. Intro to manifestation including money and health


Module 2 | has 8 classes | each class is 2 hours online

In Level 1, Module 2 of Essence: You will be supported and encouraged to begin the process of developing your unique connections to the Co-creators in your life.  You will begin the process of clearing away patterns and mindsets that no longer serve your best interests. Basic introductions to the 5 elements and becoming familiar with how they show up for you will round out module 2.

  1. How do I connect and listen to universe

  2. Clearly energetic blockage

  3. Intro to sexual energy

  4. Meet Metal

  5. Meet Earth

  6. Meet Water

  7. Meet air

  8. Meet Fire

Level 2 

Module 1 | has 8 classes | each class is 2 hours online

Level 2 Module 1 of Essence:  Continue to explore and expand your personal awareness and deepen your connections to your own magickal espression.  You can expect to learn about your own unique tools and ways of communicating with Divine Love and Light, and begin unearthing the expression and presence of the 4 Directions and their Guardians.

  1. Ethics revisit

  2. Meeting universal love energy, Always tapping into love and light

  3. Protection

  4. Magical tools( rocks,feathers, bones,vessels,smudge,vessels)

  5. Drumming

  6. Ritual

  7. Meeting the 4 Directions

  8. Money manifestation

Module 2  | has 8 classes | each class is 2 hours online

Level 2 Module 2 of Essence: You will begin building your particular relationship with the 5 elements, and delve deeper into your own personal healing of your manifestation magicks. You will be identify and sync with forms of movement and heighten your connection to Creation and manifestation magicks.

  1. Building a relationship with earth

  2. Building a relationship with water

  3. Building a relationship with air

  4. Building a relationship with fire

  5. Building a relationship with metal

  6. Clear your sexual blocks

  7. Time to meet your Sexual energy

  8. Ecstatic dance / movement

Level 3 

Module 1 | has 8 classes | each class is 2 hours online

Level 3 Module 1 of Essence: Will bring you early encounters with your guides and helpers both in the physical and the ethereal realms.   Your ability to manifest and anchor your desires into your life will be enhanced as will your awareness of your responsibilities to yourself and others as you become more connected to the Higher Realms.

  1. Protection

  2. Ethic of using magic

  3. Power over versus Power Received

  4. Manifestation

  5. Anchoring

  6. Casting a circle

  7. Love bubble expanded

  8. Connecting to your guides

Module 2 | has 8 classes | each class is 2 hours online

Level 3 Module 2 of Essence: Will provide you with connecting and deepening your personal connections with your magickal teachers and guides.  We will explore the languages they use and you will learn how to become the increasingly aware of their support. We will also continue to explore sound and movement manifestations.

  1. Connecting with your magical creatures

  2. Connecting to you animal totems and teachers

  3. How to become the conduit

  4. How to stay clear

  5. Moon magick

  6. Sand magick

  7. Plant magick

  8. Sound healing, Movement and dance magick and healing


Level 4


Module 1 | has 8 classes | each class is 2 hours online

Level 4 Module 1 of Essence:We begin working in the duality of life.  Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are explored both in the external and internal worlds.  Discovery of the cycles of life, death and how they show up with Nature’s cycles are embraced, and learning how to integrate moving in Divine Flow is highlighted.

  1. Ethic/Protection

  2. The Divine Masculine

  3. The Divine Feminine

  4. Masculine /Feminine with in each of us

  5. Being with the cycles of Life and Death

  6. Being in the divine flow

  7. Spring/summer

  8. Fall /Winter

Module 2 | has 9 classes | each class is 2 hours online

Level 4 Module 2 of Essence: We start to explore death and the other side. This is important part of learning, surrendering to all things end for new beginnings to be possible. Building tools to respect the power of ending, death and spirit realm. Increasing your safety and ethical practices and protections. In order to manifest your dream life you must understanding the teaching of the past to make room for the now.

  1. Intro to Death magick

  2. Ethics of death magick  

  3. Protection  

  4. Connection and communing with the Spirit realm

  5. Astral travel

  6. Transformation through death and grief

  7. In the flow with your flow or Moon cycles

  8. Male in the flow

  9. Blood magick

Module 3 | has 8 classes | each class in 2 hours online 

Level 4 Module 3 of Essence: We explore the many career paths for you to choose in life. Here are 4 of the paths that might be open to you; Teacher, Healer, Energy worker, Mediumships. Then we begin the journey of sex magick,sexual energy and the power of creation energy to manifest everything. Releasing old shames and blockage that stop you from having and creating a life of pleasure, joy and abundance.

  1. Intro  to Career paths

  2. Intro  to Career paths

  3. Ethic of sex magick

  4. What is Sexual magick

  5. Build your relationship with sexual magick and energy

  6. Difference between using your sexual energy and tapping into divine sexual energy(how stay clear)

  7. Orgasm for manifestation

  8. Tantra practice ( basic pc pump, firebreath, eye glazing)

Meet Gaia and Lady ShadowRaven